There are several upcoming info sessions for all graduate, medical, dental, and public health students who are interested in volunteering 2016-2017! Click here for more information.

Harvard HPREP is looking to expand its program to reach more high schoolers and to provide more in depth education. If you are a student Harvard Medical School or an affiliated graduate program and would like to contribute to our cause, please contact HPREP@hms.harvard.edu. There are leadership options available for those who wish to pair up with veterans to learn how to run different aspects of the program. There are 3 levels of involvement: mentoring, teaching, or planning (in order of increasing levels of involvement):

1) Mentoring: You are paired with one of our high school student recruits and help them with their research project on a topic of their choice. You will also help edit and craft several essays the student may use for applications to college or summer programs and serve as a positive role model for a smart and motivated high-school student.

2) Teaching: You are in charge of teaching a session (with 2-3 co-teachers, including last year’s teacher for that session). We have lesson plans and slides from previous years, but you are free to teach whatever you’d like–it could even be a new topic of your choice. For example, for the Genetics Session, there is a morning lecture about DNA, genes, and inheritance, and an afternoon interactive lab that involves extracting DNA from strawberries using common household items. You lead these sessions, but other HPREP members will be available to help facilitate.

Session topics include: Cardiovascular System, Genetics, Metabolism & Diabetes, Reproductive Health & HIV Pandemic Simulation, Nervous System, Human Organs: Gross and Microscopic.

3) Planning: You help make HPREP happen and run smoothly. There are different roles on the planning committee, including 1) recruiting high schools and soliciting applications 2) organizing the curriculum (being in contact with all the Session Teachers and organizing the teaching materials) 3) securing funds and managing finances 4) coordinating the research projects (liaison between Research Mentors and their students).

HMS graduate students in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) program are able to receive TA credit for volunteering with HPREP. To fulfill the requirement, we ask that volunteers:

  • Contribute as full-time mentors for at least two years, OR
  • Serve as a mentor for one year in addition to another role, such as teaching or helping a teacher facilitate a session, OR
  • Serve on the core committee for one year

Please direct all questions regarding the TA credit requirements and paperwork to Brittany Michel at hprep@hms.harvard.edu.