Leadership Team

Overview of the HPREP Organization
Executive Directors Eileen Ablondi, Lauren Kershberg, Soun Lee, Rebecca Mandt
Program Management Directors
Mentoring Directors Marina Watanabe, Stan Gill, Elizabeth May, Jenny Peña, Leah Cepko
Curriculum Directors Vicky Chou, Nikita Sturrock, Nicholas Lue, Patrick Loi
Finance Directors Frances Anastassacos
Special Events Directors Ziqi Chen
Diversity Directors Xavier du Maine
Admissions Directors Tianli Xiao, Ceejay Lee, Lucydalila Cedillo
Public Relations Directors Tre Artis, Emily Erickson, Judith Kaye
Evaluations Director Richard Ebright
Visionary Committee

Photo taken February 2018 after our Closing Ceremony by Emily Erickson

Overview of HPREP Organization

Directors are responsible for leading individual committees within HPREP, and serving on the Executive Committee. The responsibilities of Directors for each committee are described below. Directors serve year-round but may have heavier time commitment during the HPREP season, October-February. Previous involvement in HPREP at any level is a prerequisite for Director eligibility.

All Directors are eligible to serve on the Executive Committee, the main voting body of HPREP. At least one Director from each committee must serve on the Executive Committee, which meets on a monthly basis during the HPREP season.

Executive Directors

Contact at hprep@hms.harvard.edu


Soun Lee
PhD Student
Biological and Biomedical Sciences


Eileen Ablondi
PhD Candidate
Biological and Biomedical Sciences


Lauren Kershberg
PhD Candidate
Program in Neuroscience


Rebecca Mandt
PhD Candidate
Biological Sciences and Public Health

Program Management Directors (logistics)

Contact at hprep.logistics@gmail.com

Session Logistics Directors serve an event management role critical for the success of HPREP, and work to coordinate all of the moving parts involved in each HPREP session. This position is ideal for anyone interested in project or nonprofit management, especially those with strong organization and communication skills. The Logistics Committee is unique in that it allows volunteers to participate in every level of HPREP, from taking attendance and setting up lunch during an HPREP session, to coordinating the scheduling and volunteer needs of multiple teams and communicating those logistical details effectively, to working with administrative contacts to put large-scale events like the Closing Ceremony.

Mentoring Directors

Contact at hprep.mentoring@gmail.com

The Mentoring Committee coordinates and oversees the mentoring section of HPREP. The mentoring relationship is a critical aspect of the HPREP student experience. Directors work together to establish the overall mentoring curriculum, recruit and train mentors and pod leaders, organize student-mentor pairs, develop detailed weekly plans of activities, and communicate all logistics needs. Directors are also involved with mediating conflicts or issues from mentors, pod leaders, and students. This position is well-suited for volunteers interested in management experience who have good communication skills and enjoy working with others.

Curriculum Directors

Contact at hprep.curriculum@gmail.com

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the HPREP classroom experience. Directors’ roles include design of the overall curriculum (lecture topics, guest speakers and scheduling), recruiting volunteers to develop and teach lectures, overseeing volunteers by holding practice lectures, and collaborating with other committees to coordinate lecture logistics. Curriculum directors get to interact with both other volunteers who teach and develop the lectures as well as with the students on the day of the lecture. This position is ideal for volunteers who are organized and great communicators and who are interested in gaining curriculum design and teaching experience, and interacting with many other HPREP volunteers who help to teach the lectures.

Finance Director

The Finance Committee will work closely with the Executive Directors and is responsible for HPREP’s fundraising efforts and for overseeing the finances and budget. Although this position would be well-suited for anyone who enjoys record-keeping and budgeting, it is also ideal for those who want to gain experience with grant-writing. The Finance Director is responsible for soliciting HMS departments for donations, and may choose to lead initiatives to apply for grants available through Harvard or through external sources. This director is involved in both the big-picture planning of HPREP (establishing our yearly budget) and the session-to-session programming (approving purchase requests, writing finance reports). The Finance Director may oversee a team of up to 6 additional volunteers to work together on associated tasks.

Special Events Director

The Special Events Directors work with a committee of volunteers to put on one-time events for HPREP students focused on professional development. This position is ideal for anyone who enjoys event planning and organization, and who would be passionate about helping HPREP students explore and prepare for careers in science and medicine! For many of these events, directors also have the opportunity to network with professionals in the greater Boston community. Directors can directly organize events and/or recruit and oversee volunteers to coordinate them during the year. The three main events that the Special Events Committee has focused on in the past include the Workshops Day, Career Fair, and Student Reunion (descriptions below). However, if desired, the Special Events Directors can also take on new creative initiatives during the year.

Workshops Day: HPREP holds a one-day series of workshops on various topics, including SAT/ACT Preparation, Professional Development, Coding, and College Preparation. Directors/coordinators work with other volunteers to develop and teach the content of these workshops, and organize the logistics for the day.

Career Fair:  The career fair is an afternoon event during which we invite professionals from various careers in medicine and science to speak with the students in small groups. Directors/coordinators identify and communicate with professionals in the Boston area to represent careers of interest, and organize the activities day-of with a team of additional volunteers.

Student Reunion: The student reunion is a summer-time social event to which we invite students and mentors from the previous year. This is a laid-back event typically during either lunch or dinner, where students have an opportunity to connect and share what they have up to post-HPREP.

Diversity Director

The HPREP mission is to recruit high school students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds into science, medicine, and public health, with the ultimate goal of improving health access and outcomes by addressing educational disparities. In light of this, we believe that diversity sits at the core of the works that we do, and that it is critical to consider diversity in all aspects of HPREP. This led to the creation of this new Diversity committee, which will be active starting in the 2018-19 HPREP year. While the Executive Directors will work closely with this new committee, the new Diversity Directors will have the opportunity to incorporate their vision to shape the goals and structure of this committee. This committee will work closely with other Committees, including but not limited to the Visionary Team and the Admissions, Mentoring, Curriculum, and Special Events Committees, to evaluate HPREP programming, and to provide ideas and resources for increasing diversity. Some specific responsibilities will include working with the admissions team to make sure that all aspects of diversity are taken into consideration during the application process, overseeing volunteer diversity trainings and the Diversity and Health Disparities lecture, and brainstorming ways to bring in diverse speakers and other volunteers. To fill these roles, we are looking for volunteers who enjoy working with others, who are up for ‘thinking big’, and who are passionate about the HPREP mission and promoting diversity within the HPREP community.

Admissions Directors

The  Admissions Committee is mainly responsible for the admissions process of our HPREP students. Directors will be responsible for reviewing the application questions and criteria of admissions, managing the application web site, compiling and maintaining database of high school teachers’, counselors’ and principals’ contact information, sending out solicitation emails, and acting as email correspondence regarding application questions. In addition, the committee is tasked to recruit application readers, coordinate the review process, and submit recommendations for admissions to the EDs. Being an Admission director is a very humbling experience as students share their personal life stories, challenges, hopes and dreams on the applications.

Public Relations Directors

The Public Relations Directors are responsible for establishing and maintaining an HPREP media presence (formerly, the Media Committee). Directors recruit and oversee a team of volunteers who perform on-site photography, manage social media including facebook and twitter, update the website, design monthly online newsletters and assemble printed media for the closing ceremony. Directors also initiate new creative projects to encourage HPREP student involvement, such as yearbooks or blogs. The Public Relationships committee will also be responsible for community outreach, particularly alumni outreach. Directors will work with an intern at the DMS office to monitor the progress of alumni tracking, to update student contact information, and to encourage student and alumni connections. This position is well-suited for volunteers who are creative and have strong writing and communication skills. It is additionally ideal for anyone who is passionate about fostering an HPREP community that extends beyond the 10 week program.

Evaluations Directors

The Evaluations Director will oversee a team to create, distribute, and analyze student evaluation surveys. The committee is responsible for beginning and end-of-year surveys that are critical to evaluating the overall impact HPREP has made on each class of students, as well as surveys evaluating the lectures and other programming. The Evaluations Directors will additionally generate reports based on this data and present these reports at Executive Committee meetings. This position is ideal for anyone who is interested in gaining skills in program evaluation, and who would be interested in having a critical role in improving the HPREP student experience.

Visionary Committee

Requirements: The four elected positions must be current or former members of the Executive Committee with at least one member being a current Executive Director and at least one member not a current Executive Director. Two to three additional positions are reserved for representatives from HMS/DMS student groups with common diversity-oriented missions, (eg. Harvard Student National Medical Association (SNMA), Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard (MBSH), SACNAS, etc.). For these positions, representatives will be appointed by each respective organization.

Term and Appointment: Visionary Team members in elected positions will be voted on in May each year by the new Executive Committee for a year-round one year term, with a maximum two-term limit. Reserved positions will be appointed or reappointed each year, with no term limit.

Description: The Visionary Team is responsible for molding the long-term visions and actions of HPREP. To make this possible, the Visionary Team will employ two avenues of input and discussion:

  1. Open Vision Meetings: The Visionary Team will hold Open Visions Meetings (OVMs). These OVMs will be held regularly with a frequency to be determined by the Executive Committee. Additionally, the Executive Committee or the Visionary Team may call an OVM separate from the regularly scheduled OVMs. Every OVM shall be publicized to all HPREP members, and all members shall be welcomed to join. For each OVM, the Visionary Team will organize and execute an agenda focused on discussing the topics deemed important by the Visionary Team or the Executive Committee. This agenda must also include specific time for new topics to be introduced by the open HPREP community, with the intent of identifying potential topics for future OVMs. All HPREP members may attend and participate in discussion in all OVMs.
  2. Advisory Board: The Visionary Team may seek input or advice from any member(s) of the HPREP Advisory Board at any time they see fit. These advisory sessions may be closed, or Advisors may be invited to attend OVMs Using the discussion, input and recommendations from OVMs, the Advisory Board and closed Visionary meetings, The Visionary Team may formally propose changes to programming, structure, rules, vision or any other aspect of HPREP to the Executive Committee. Actualization of proposed changes shall be contingent on a majority approval vote by the Executive Committee, with the Visionary Team members recusing themselves from Visionary votes.