Do I qualify to apply to HPREP? HPREP applicants must currently be high school students (grades 9-12). Students who have enrolled in previous years are not eligible to participate again.

What do students learn in HPREP? Students gain exposure to a broad range of topics and learn about different career paths. Our mentors are also a great resource for students who are currently or planning applying to college. We encourage all students who are interested in science and medicine to apply.

How many applicants are accepted each year? Approximately 60 students.

What is the time commitment? There are 10 total Saturday sessions from 9am-4pm, beginning in November and ending in February. We will not have class during Thanksgiving and winter break. Full attendance, participation, and completion of assigned projects is expected of each student in order to complete the program.

How do I apply to HRPEP? Our online application is available on the website in early September prior to the coming HPREP year November-February. The application involves several short and long essay questions. Once applications are closed they will not be available again until the following year.

Where does the program take place? Saturday sessions take place at the Harvard Medical School campus in the Longwood Medical Area in Boston. Students are responsible for arranging transportation, but convenient public transportation options are available.

Do I have to pay to enroll? Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to provide this program at no cost to our students. We also provide free lunches at our Saturday sessions as well as MBTA tickets for students commuting to and from campus.

Who runs HPREP? HPREP is a student-led organization at Harvard Medical School. Our mentors, teachers, and organizers are medical and graduate students who love working with kids and are committed to community outreach. Some of our special guest lecturers are doctors, professors, and professionals in science and medicine.