The 2018-2019 HPREP Application is now open closed. Next year’s application will likely open in October 2019.

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For instructions and submit an application (including the possibility of a paper application), go to

Application Eligibility:

  • Must be a high school student (9th-12th grade) able to make the commitment to attend the listed program dates
  • Students who have previously completed the HPREP program are not eligible to reapply
  • We encourage students who were not admitted in previous years to reapply in subsequent years

Program Dates: 11/3/18 – 2/9/19

Application criteria: Our goal is to identify students who are passionate about exploring health and science and who will gain the most from the HPREP experience. We particularly seek students who come from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds who face barriers to entering the fields of science or medicine. We seek to create “a level playing field” in our consideration of your application. We understand that our applicants come from different backgrounds, grade levels, study interests, and life experiences. Therefore we take into consideration all aspects of your application in order to make holistic admissions decisions.

For current doctoral, medical, dental, and MPH students, please review the information in our Volunteer section if you are interested in getting involved.